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  The rolls with weight of 1100-2100kg; the height till 1750mm; external diameter till 1250 mm; inside diameter till 850mm; The package of a coil with diameter of 5,5-7,0 mm; 4 radial and 1 transversal coil with diameter of 6,5-8,0mm. Also can be packed in rolls of 550kg; the height till 400mm; external diameter till 1400-1450mm; internal diameter till 850-900mm tied together in two places.
We also collaborate with Ltd “Argo” existed in Ukraine in the city Chernovets. It specializes on manufacture of pot covers “Khasaiushka”. The production has a high quality. It characterized by excellence and uses the large popularity among the customers.
For manufacture of metal container for a food-processing industry on manufactures of black metallurgy it is used a different kind of metals. It's necessary to mention, that the Ltd “Argo” uses extremely the white metal for the elektrolytic fusing. It's based on assortment of production and an economic feasibility of using of the given metal.
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