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About us
Ltd “Orioni” is founded in year 2002
From the moment of foundation of our company the main profile of our activity is the import of a construction armature and its realization all over the Georgia.

Our supplier of above mentioned production is our partner on Ukraine a factory “Arselor Metal” in the city Krivoi Rog.

The commodity circulation of our company is increasing year by year. About it speaks the fact, that for the first year of our activity the circulation was 500 000 USA dollars and on preliminary calculation in 2007 it'll be about 5 000 000 USA dollars. As known the commodity circulation directly depends on growth and development of the industry in the country.

Having a great building boom in Georgia increases the demands for our production, what itself stipulates the inflow of new building companies.

Despite of existing competition in the building market our company has managed to occupy a worthy place in it, what indicates on correct management and marketing realization of our company by us.
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